Gujarat Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna Scheme 2021 Raise Storage Capacity of Grains & Stop Crop Wastage

Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna Scheme in Gujarat 2021 (7 initiatives for farmers, Application Form, Eligibility)

Gujarat government has taken several initiatives to ensure better crop production in the state. It has also offer financial support to the needy farmers. These efforts produced satisfactory results. To continue the successful track record, present Chief Minister has launched the Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna Scheme recently. Apart from offering financial grants to farmers for their overall development, the scheme aims to increase the crop capacity and storage facilities in the state. If you desire to gather information about the key features, eligibility and application process, then read this article.

Gujarat Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna

Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna Scheme Launch details

Name of the schemeSaat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna Scheme
Launched inGujarat
Launched byVijay Rupan
Date of official launchSeptember 2020
Target beneficiariesFarmers
Announcement venueGandhinagar
Supervised byAgriculture & Farmers Welfare & Co-operation Department (Gujarat)

Mukhyamantri Kisan Sahay Yojana Gujarat : Farmer can register online for this scheme

Important point of Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna scheme –

  1. Agricultural development – The state government will mainly focus on the overall development of the farmers in the state. It, in turn, will ensure better agricultural practices.
  2. Seven-fold scheme – The Chief Minister stated that seven agricultural developmental projects will be implemented under the Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna Scheme.
  3. Capacity building – Access to modern farming tools and storage facilities will help in enhancing the capacity building efforts.
  4. Financial assistance – The state government has already spent Rs. 400 crore to meet the financial requirements of the agricultural workers. Around 1.6 lakh farmers were benefitted from this scheme.

Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna scheme details –

Mukhyamantri Paak Sangrah Structure Yojana –

One of the projects, Mukhyamantri Paak Sangrah Structure will aid the construction of crop storage facilities. The government will offer Rs. 30000 to the beneficiaries under this scheme. Access to modern storage facilities will prevent crop wastage due to natural and artificial factors.

Kisan Parivahan Yojana  –

Another sub-scheme is the Kisan Parivahan Yojana. Under this project, the state government will offer beneficiaries financial assistance to purchase small vehicles, which must be used for agricultural activities. Every beneficiary will receive anything between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 75,000 to procure the vehicle.

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Seven sub-projects under Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna Scheme

  1. Financial prosperity
  2.  Upliftment of agricultural workers.
  3. Implementing modern strategies to ensure better agricultural output.
  4. Developing better modes of distribution.
  5. Assistance for cow milk producers.
  6. Access to improved crop storage facilities.
  7. Offering money for purchasing vehicles.

Eligibility for applicants

  1. Resident of the state – To obtain the benefits of this scheme, the agricultural labor must be a permanent resident of Gujarat.
  2. Full-time agricultural workers – The scheme will only allow the participation of full-time farmers. Agriculture or related activities must be their main source of income.
  3. For certain categories – The design and development of this project has been done for the betterment of the small and marginal farmers, who lack financial resources.
  4. Must have a bank account – It has been mentioned in the scheme details that every applicant must possess a bank account.

Atal Pension Yojana : Register for this scheme and get 5000 rs pension

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential document – If an applicant desires to obtain the several perks of the seven-fold scheme, then he must produce official residential documents.
  2. Identification proof – Agricultural workers, registering for this project must provide their identification documents, like the Aadhar and Voter Cards.
  3. Farmer certificate – It is mandatory for the interested applicants to submit a copy of their farmer certificates, issued by the local Farmer Association. It will highlight whether the candidate falls in the small or marginal category.
  4. Bank account details – Financial assistance will be provided to the agricultural workers. Thus, applicants must provide the details of their bank accounts to aid the money transfer process.

How to apply for the scheme benefits

The Chief Minister of Gujarat has officially launched the scheme. However, nothing has been mentioned in details about the eligibility, necessary documents and the application process. As this scheme is about the farmers, the authority is most likely to opt for an offline registration process. We will keep a close watch on the scheme related developments. As soon as the state government makes an official announcement, highlighting the enrollment process, you will receive the updates on our official site.


Q: What is Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna Scheme?

Ans: It is an agricultural developmental project for the farmers of Gujarat.

Q: Which farmers will get the benefits of Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna scheme?

Ans: Small and marginal agricultural workers.

Q: What is the primary objective of Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna scheme?

Ans: Capacity building and better crop storage facility construction.

Q: How many sub-schemes are included under this project?

Ans: Seven

Q: From where can one obtain more details about the project?


Agricultural development is necessary for the betterment of the nation and prosperity of the farmers. The new initiative taken by the Gujarat government will encourage the farmers to implement modern tools and cultivation facilities. It will increase the quality and quantity of the produce. It is a constructive step to cement the enviable position of the state in agricultural sector.

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