Hasir Alo Scheme in West Bengal 2020 | Free Electricity Scheme WB

Hasir Alo Scheme in West Bengal 2020 (Free Electricity Scheme) (Eligibility, How to apply, Documents)

Many rural areas in West Bengal are still not connected with the power supply grids. The residents have to depend on candles and lanterns to illuminate their homes. Absence of electricity makes their lives rather uncomfortable in the summers. It also jeopardizes the safety of the people. During the announcement of the West Bengal Budget, the Finance Minister of the state declared that the state government will offer free power connection in the homes of the poor people. The Hasir Alo Scheme will make lives easy for the people in this area. You need to read this article to gather more information about this project.

Hasir Alo Scheme in West Bengal

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeHasir Alo Scheme
Launched inWest Bengal
Launched byMamata Banerjee
Announced byAmit Mitra
Date of launchFebruary 2020
Date of implementationSoon
Target beneficiariesPoor households
Supervised byWest Bengal Government

Key features of the scheme

  1. Betterment of the poor people – The presence of electricity, for no extra charges, will encourage the poor people to submit their applications for attaining the perks of this scheme.
  2. Free power connection – Under this scheme, the applicants will not have to pay any money for obtaining the power connections.
  3. Residential power supply – Only residential applications will be entertained by the state government.
  4. Total beneficiary number – The implementation of this welfare project will offer the benefits to as many as 34 lakh financially weak families.
  5. Budget allocated for the scheme – The Finance Minister of West Bengal has pointed out that the implementation of the scheme will require around Rs. 200 crore. The necessary financial allocations will soon be completed by the authority.

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Eligibility for applicants

  1. Must be inhabitants of the state – The interested candidates, which are legal inhabitants of West Bengal, can apply for this scheme.
  2. Financially weak applicants – The scheme has been launched for the applicants, which come under the BPL and EWS categories.
  3. Power consumption limit – The scheme draft highlights if the power consumption of the household is less than or equal to 75 units, then the applicant can obtain the benefits of this project.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – The candidate needs to provide the copy of any legal document that says that he/she is a legal resident of West Bengal.
  2. ID proof – Verification will be done by the state officials. For this, the submission of a photocopy of the Aadhar card of the candidate is a must.
  3. Power consumption reports – The applicant needs to provide a list of the electrical gadgets, which they will use. It will help the official to ensure the upper limit of the power consumption, thereby making the list of beneficiaries of this scheme.
  4. BPL and EWS certificates – It is mandatory for the candidate to offer copies of his/her BPL and/or EWS certificate with the registration form.

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How to get the enrollment form and register?

The state government has recently launched this scheme. It will take some time for finally implementing the project in all parts of West Bengal. Thus, the Finance Minister only mentioned the features of this scheme during the budget speech. It is expected that the West Bengal government will soon declare the enrollment process. If you want to access the updated details, then check out the scheme-related updates on our portal.

Adequate power supply will pave the path for the holistic development of the poor people in West Bengal. The state official said that the scheme guidelines may be altered for increasing tit effectiveness.

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