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Janasevaka Scheme in Karnataka 2020 (Doorstep Home Delivery of Govt Scheme, Service list, Call Center Toll Free Number, Download Mobile App, Online Application Book Slot, Fee) 

The primary responsibility of any state government is to offer the necessary facilities for the residents. The best way to carry out this task is by the development and implementation of new schemes. These projects are targeted towards a specific group, and assist in paving the path for betterment. The present government of Karnataka is no exception to this rule. It provides various benefits, under numerous welfare projects. The latest scheme that has been launched by the state government is the Janasevaka Scheme. Under this project, the residents will be able to attain a number of facilities at home. This article sheds light on the key aspects of this project.

Janasevaka Scheme in Karnataka doorstep delivery

Janasevaka Scheme Details about launched scheme

Name of schemeJanasevaka Scheme
Name of the main schemeSakala Scheme
Launched inKarnataka
Launched byB S Yediyurappa
Scheme announcement dateFebruary 2020
Scheme implementation dateSoon
Target beneficiariesResidents of the state
Process of registrationThrough call center, scheme portal and app
Scheme supervised byKarnataka State Government
Official websitejanasevaka.karnataka.gov.in
Call center number08044554455
Implementation areaAll the wards in the state of Karnataka

Important aspects of the scheme

  1. Better service obtainment – The scheme will encourage the common people to apply for the services. As they need not go to any government office, the service attainment process becomes simple.
  2. Connecting with the people – Another objective of the state government is to strengthen the connection with the residents, with the implementation of this project.
  3. Service delivery at home – Once an interested applicant books a slot and pays for the service, the respective government department will take the necessary measures to deliver the service at home.
  4. Implementation of the scheme – The scheme will be implemented by selected ward volunteers. They will deliver the service at the home of the applicant.
  5. Total number of available services – The Chief Minister of the state has highlighted that the residents will be able to apply for any of the 53 services, which have been included in the scheme. Residents can get income certificates, health cards, land registration documents and ID verification papers, delivered at home.
  6. Selected departments of Karnataka government – The inclusion of 11 state government departments makes this scheme rather effective.
  7. Paperless and hassle-free registration – The registration procedure can be completed successfully through three methods. None of these methods require hardcopies of any documents. It makes the process entirely paperless.
  8. Fee charged for service delivery – The state government will charge a certain fee for the services. The candidate, who is booking any slot, must shell out Rs. 115 for attainment of the services.
  9. Payment thought online gateways – Most people have access to net banking facilities or payment apps. The presence of the secure virtual payment facility makes the scheme straightforward.

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What are the ways to book a slot?

The state government provides three distinct ways to book a slot for the attainment of the benefits. They are as follows.

  1. Via the Janasevaka Scheme Call Center
  2. Via the Janasevaka Scheme Mobile App
  3. Via the Janasevaka Scheme Website

Slot booking through the call center

  1. Call center number – For the convenience of the residents, the government has activated the call center number. If any applicant desires to gain any service, he/she needs to make a call on the number 08044554455.
  2. Call center executives – When a call has been made, it will be received by one of the many executives. It is the duty of the executive to explain the scheme, its benefits and application process.
  3. Service requirement – The candidates must tell the executive which service he/she desires. The slot booking process will be activated accordingly.
  4. Application form fill-up – Once the executive gather the necessary details, he/she will open the digitized form, and fill it up with the applicants information. It completes the registration process.
  5. OTP conformation – The site will generate and send an OTP to the active and registered mobile number of the applicant. It is mandatory for the applicant to share it with the call center executive.
  6. Application submission – Once the OTP has been entered by the executive, the application will be saved in the scheme database.
  7. Paying the fee – After the successful submission of the form, the applicant must make the necessary payment, as per the guidelines of the scheme.
  8. SMS notification – An SMS notification will be generated automatically. The SMS will highlight the details of the application, and slot-related info.

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Slot Booking through the scheme app

  1. Janasevaka Scheme App – The residents, which have access to smartphones, can complete the slot booking procedures via the authorized project app. If anyone wants to gather the details of this application, he/she needs to click on the link.
  2. Access the app – If the applicant has an Android phones, then he/she can search for the app in Google Play Store. In case the person uses an Apple phone, then he/she must look up the app in iStore.
  3. App download – When the mobile user gets the application, he/she needs to activate the downloading process by clicking on the “Download” button.
  4. App installation – After this, the user must initiate the app installation process. For this, he/she needs to click on the button that is marked as “Install.”
  5. Registration of the app – The user must fill in the primary app registration form with the registered mobile number.
  6. App-based slot booking – The interested candidate can navigate the app dashboard to gain access to the slot booking section. He/she needs to fill in the app-based registration document with pertinent details.
  7. OTP verification – The candidate will get an SMS notification. This SMS contains an OTP. Without this OTP, the slot registration cannot be completed.
  8. Application submission – After typing in the verification code in the correct field, the user must successfully submit the app-based form.

Slot booking through the website

  1. Janasevaka Scheme Website – Applicants, who are well-versed with the use of computers and the internet, can apply through the Janasevaka Scheme portal. The Official link will grant the candidate access to this page.
  2. Access to booking page – The homepage highlights various options. The interested candidate needs to click on Book Your Slot. It gives passage to a different page for slot booking.
  3. Online slot booking form – The portal will bring up the service slot booking form. Care must be taken by the applicant to type in correct details in every filed, mentioned in the form.
  4. Saving the application – After the candidate has types in pertinent details in all the fields, he/she can save the application in the scheme’s database by clicking on “Book Slot.”

Welfare schemes make it easy for the residents of the state to get the benefits, provided by the state government. The implementation of this scheme will take place as soon as the state administration finishes developing a sound operation structure. The scheme will assist the state government to gather details of the beneficiaries. It also acts as a bridge between the authority and common people.

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