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National Startup Awards 2021 [Application Form Online Process, Eligibility, Category, Winner List]

The Prime Minister had mentioned on several occasions that the future of the country depends on the health of the trade and commerce. However, small and micro businesses find it hard to expand their client base due to lack of finance and technical support. The central government had implemented the National Startup Awards to encourage such business organizations to come forward. The scheme awards cash prize to those startups and business incubators, which have contributed positively to the business ecosystem in the country. In this article, you will learn about the other aspects of the business award scheme.

National Startup Awards

National Startup Awards Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeNational Startup Awards 2020
Launched inIndia
Launched byNarendra Modi
Date of announcement2018 – 2019
Date of implementation2019 – 2020
Online application starts onDecember 2019
Online application ends on31st December 2019
Target beneficiariesStartup owners, accelerators and business incubators
Supervised byMinistry of Commerce & Industry
Official portal
Helpline number1800 115 565

Key features of the scheme

Holistic development of the nation

The central government has implemented the startup award scheme for the overall development of the business and commerce sectors in India. The scheme also offers necessary assistance to the micro and small scale ventures.

Encouraging startup owners

This award scheme has been implemented to attract the attention of the startup owners. Additionally, it also encourages the business accelerators and incubators to help as many ventures as possible.

Healthy competition

The scheme promotes a healthy competition among the startups. As they compete with one another to get to the top spot, they implement policies, which play an instrumental role in the betterment of the venture.

Cash prize

The winners will attain a significant financial reward that can be utilized for the expansion of the business. The applicants can get anything between Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs. 15 lakhs, depending on the category.

Selected sectors

The central government has already selected fifteen separate categories, under which the startups, incubators and accelerators can apply.

Wealth creation

The establishment of new startups will increase the inflow of cash in the government coffers. This money can be used for supplying the necessary facilities in the rural and urban areas.

Employment generation

The sward scheme is an ingenious way to encourage the establishment of more small scale companies in the country. As more businesses open up, it will assist in the eradication of job crunch in the market.

Social betterment

The development of the startups pave the path for the betterment of the society. It will have various social impacts, which can be measured. The collected data will enable the government to come up with better developmental policies.

जनगणना 2011 ओबीसी सूची यहाँ देखें

Different Award Categories

  1. Education
  2. Energy
  3. Health
  4. Agriculture
  5. Food
  6. Industry
  7. Finance
  8. Enterprise Technology
  9. Tourism development
  10. Urban Services
  11. Security
  12. Space Research
  13. Businesses established by women entrepreneurs
  14. Startups established within the campus
  15. Startups associated with rural development

Cash prize for the winner in every category


As for the applicants, which fall in the startup category, the committee will pick one winner and two runner-ups. However, only the startup winner will attain the cash prize of Rs. 5 lakhs. The runner-ups will acquire the opportunity to present their model in front of the respective central ministry.


Among the applicants, who fall in the Incubator category, only one will be selected for attaining the cash prize. The winner will be able to acquire Rs. 15 lakhs from the central government.


It has been mentioned in the award scheme draft that one winner will be selected from this category. The central government will hand over a financial award of Rs. 15 lakhs to the accelerator category winner.

मुख्यमंत्री कन्या उत्थान योजना बिहार फॉर्म यहाँ देखें

Eligibility for different categories

Necessary eligibility for the startup applicants

DPIIT recognition is necessary

It has been mentioned in the scheme details that every startup that desires to apply for the cash reward need to possess the recognition from the DPIIT.

Solution based model

The startup must be working on providing solutions, which are applicable in the market and has potential for improvement.

Hardware or software based service

The startup can be associated with hardware or software based services or solutions in the particular field.

MSME and GST Recognized

If the startup does not have the recognition of the MSME and the GST departments, then it will not be allowed to take part in the scheme. Apart from this, it must be certified by the CE and FSSAI.


It has also been mentioned that if the startup owners or promoters have been unable to pay any loan EMI and has become a defaulter in during the last three financial years, then the particular company cannot apply.

Financial Audits

It is mandatory for the startups to opt for yearly financial audits for enrolling for this scheme.

Necessary eligibility for the incubators

Independent structure

It has been highlighted in the scheme draft that only independent trust, company and society will be allowed to apply in this category.

Operation span

It has been stated that no entity will be allowed to apply in the incubator category if it has an operation span that is less than two years, till 31st December 2019.

Number of startups supported by the incubator

If the applicant desires to apply in the incubator category, then it must have supported the development of a minimum of 15 startup agencies.

Necessary eligibility for the accelerators

Structure of the entity

The scheme draft also suggests that the accelerators must work as independent organizations. It may be a company, trust or society.

Operation span

It is mandatory for the applicant to complete an operation span of two years before the beginning of 2020.

Startup graduation

If the applicant desires to apply in the accelerators category, then the entity must have successfully graduated no less than 10 startups, which are operating in the respective sector.

Documents necessary for application

DPIIT certificate

The primary document that must be uploaded on the official portal, during registration is the DPIIT certificate.

Business ownership documents

Whether the startup is owned by a solo owner or is founded on a partnership basis, the necessary documents, supporting these facts must be uploaded with the application form.

GST and MSME registration papers –

The applicants need to attach the digitized copies of certificates, issued in the name of the startup by the central MSME and GST departments.

Financial audit documents

The applicant also needs to attach scanned copies of all the financial audit documents, which light on the inflow and outflow of cash.

Non-defaulter certificate

It is mandatory for the applicants to attach a scanned copy of a certificate that highlights that he/she is not a defaulter to any bank or other financial institute.

प्रधानमंत्री किसान सम्मान निधि योजना सम्पूर्ण जानकारी यहाँ पढ़ें

How to get registration form and apply for the scheme?

Official website

During the announcement of this scheme, the central government had stated that the authority will launch an authorized portal for the convenience of the interested applicants. To get to the portal, you need to click on the link

Online application

When the homepage opens, you will see the banner ad of the scheme with the name “National Startup Awards 2020.” As soon as you place the mouse pointer on the ad, you will see the “Apply” option.

Application categories

As soon as you click on the “Apply” button, the application page will open up. Here, you will see three separate categories. You need to pick the category that meets your profile. One can click on any of the three options – “Apply as Incubator” or “Apply as Startup” or “Apply as Accelerator.”

Registration process

Once the category selection is complete, the site will bring up the registration box. In case an applicant has already enrolled, he/she can click on the “
Login” option. First time applicants have to click on the tab that is marked as “Register.”

Digitized registration form fill-up

As soon as you click on the “Register” option, you will get access to the digitized registration form. You need to fill in the numerous fields with correct information.

Official login

Once you have completed the online registration process, you need to click on the “Login” tab for the official initiation process. You need to type in the correct credentials, tick the capchat box and click on the Log In option.

Filling the profile form

Once the applicant has logged in on the portal successfully, he/she can gain access to the application profile form. It has several sections, which must be filled in by the respective applicant.

The respective department has already stated that a special jury committee will be formed. They will scrutinize and assess the activities of the applicants, and the future prospect of the ventures. They decision of the jury will be final and the names of the winners will be announced on the day of the ceremony.

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