Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal 2022 Aarthiya Miller Registration

Anaaj (Anaj) Kharid Portal in Punjab kharif 2022 (Online Registration, Login, Eligibility, Aarthiya License, Miller, helpline Number at anaajkharid.in

Punjab is a primary paddy producing states is India. The Consumer Affairs and the Food Supplies Departments of Punjab want to revamp the PDS. Farmers and Mill owners must be roped in to accomplish this task. The current situation hinders the physical procurement of the grains. Thus, the state government has launched the Anaaj Kharid Portal. The digital platform will streamline registration as well as grain obtainment processes.


Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal Launch details

Name of the portal

Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal

Launched in


Launched by

Amarinder Singh

Date of announcement

August 2020

Grain procurement starts from

1st Oct

Target beneficiaries

Farmers and mill owners

Supervised by

Department of Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs

Official portal



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Key features of the Punjab Anaaj Kharid portal

  1. Maintaining Public Distribution System – The proper function of the websites will assist the state authority to maintain the smooth operations of the Public Distribution System of food grains.
  2. Easy registration – Both farmers and mill owners can complete their registration by logging in on the official portal. It makes the process easy and paperless.
  3. Streamlined grain procurement – The launch of this portal will assist in obtaining grains from farmers and millers. The state government will procure around 170 lakh metric tonnes of paddy.
  4. Number of registered mills – The state government highlighted that rice will be procured from as many as 4,150 registered mills
  5. An all-inclusive portal – All the activities, ranging from farmer and mill registration to fee payments will be monitored through this portal.

How to register for Aarthiya License via the portal?

  1. Online application – The interested candidate must click on Anaaj Kharid Portal to acquire access to the official page.
  2. Registration – To start the registration process, the candidate must click on the “Aarthiya Registration” tab.
  3. General instructions – Completing the above step will give the candidates access to a new window where the instructions are listed.
  4. Verification – After this, the candidate must click on tab marked as “Search.” It will send an OTP to the registered mobile number. It will complete the verification process.
  5. Online form – Once the verification is over, the candidate will get the Aarthiya Licence Online Registration Form.
  6. Form fill-up – The digital form has various fields. The millers must type in the details accordingly.
  7. Attaching documents – Every candidate must keep the scanned copies of necessary documents ready. These must be attached with the online form for further fact checking.
  8. Form submission – To enroll, the candidate must click on the “Submit” button.

How to enroll for Miller Online certification for Anaaj Kharid?

  1. Online application – If a rice miller wants to register on this portal, he must click on the link and log in on the dedicated webpage.
  2. Proper tab selection – Several tabs are present on the homepage. The miller must click on the tab that is marked as “Miller Registration.”
  3. Link selection for appropriate license – In the new window, the miller will see several links, which correspond to a particular form. One can select as per requirement.
  4. New registration – If a miller wants to register for the first time, he must click on the option “For New Registration – Registration”
  5. Online application document – The miller must click on the option that says “Apply for Provisional Permission or Final Registration of New Rice Mill” to get the correct form.
  6. Fill in the form – After verification via mobile number, the millers will be able to type in the necessary details in the online registration document.
  7. Application submission – To complete the enrollment process, the miller must click on the “Submit” button.

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Incentives for the mill owners

  1. If the registered mill has completed the specified million operations by 31 January 2020, the Punjab government will award an additional 15% on the total price of the procured paddy.
  2. If the mill has completed the operations by the end of February 2020, a 10% additional fee will be offered to the millers.


Q: How can a farmer or miller reach the official portal of Anaaj Kharid?

Ans: By clicking on official portal of Anaaj Kharid.

Q: Who will get the permission to register on the Anaaj Kharid portal?

Ans: Rice millers and Aarthiya

Q: Which activities will be monitored through this Anaaj Kharid portal?

Ans: registration, license approval, paddy and grain procurement, verification, and fee payment.

Q: Can farmers apply for paddy obtainment for current cropping season?

Ans: yes

Q: When will the government start paddy procurement under Anaaj Kharid Portal?

Ans: 1st October 2020

Q: What is the helpline number of Anaaj Kharid Portal?

Ans: 7743011156 and 7743011157

It was a challenging task for the government to acquire paddy from the farmers due to Coronavirus pandemic. However, the implementation of the digital registration and procurement policies will aid this process. The state government will be able to reach out to the rectified mills, and obtain the grains at stable rates. It will benefit both parties equally due to the elimination of middle-men.

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