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Surya Raitha Scheme in Karnataka 2020 (Eligibility, Online Application Form, Farmer list, Solar Water Pump Sets to rythu, Portal, tollfree)

The Surya Raitha Scheme in Karnataka has been introduced by Karnataka government to offer social water pumps for helping the farmers. Owing to this, it is the responsibility of state government to replace the existing one with the new solar pumps. However, the scheme has been launched on pilot basis back on January, 2019. Read on to know more about how the pumps will be installed making it beneficial for the state farmers.

Surya Raitha Scheme  Karnataka

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Key features of Surya Raitha Scheme –

  1. Main idea for scheme launch – The main purpose to launch the scheme is to offer easy supply of water for agricultural produce. With this, the solar pumps will have better energy to pump 1.5 times more water compared to the older ones.
  2. Beneficiaries of scheme –The poor farmers of the state are the beneficiaries who can be helped with the supply of the solar water.
  3. Category of farmers – Only the poor farmers who are going through hardships to sell maintain their agricultural produce and get sufficient amount of water supply are eligible to avail of the scheme benefits.
  4. Department to fund for scheme – Funds collected from farmers; investment, Central and State government subsidy and soft-loans offered by Bangalore Electricity Supply Company or BESCOM

Surya Raitha Scheme Launch details –



Surya Raitha Scheme



Poor farmers of the state

Main focus


Set up solar water pumps for farming help

launched in



announced by


State government

Number of pumps

A total of 310 IP sets will be set up in the initial phase

Official portal Not yet
Helpline numberNot yet

Benefits of Surya Raitha Scheme –

  • Enhance scope for agricultural production
  • Helps to get sufficient and stable power supply for farming produce
  • Stable source of farmers’ income even during adverse weather conditions
  • It keeps a check on the water wastage during agricultural activities

Therefore, by successful implementation of the scheme, it will eliminate the need to offer energy subsidy scheme to farmers. In addition to this, it shall help the farmers to arrange for agricultural produce irrespective of weather conditions.  

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Eligibility criteria for the scheme –

  • Residential details – The farmer should have suitable documents and farmers from other states are not eligible for the scheme benefits
  • Income details – The farmers who wish to get the scheme benefits need to produce suitable income details to justify their eligibility for the scheme launch
  • Identification proof – The farmers have to produce Aadhaar card, Voter id card, ration card and some equivalent option to register under the scheme
  • Bank account details – As the farmers opt for soft loans from BESCOM, after loan recovery, the additional loan amount will be credited in the farmer’s account.

However, after successful installation of the scheme, the farmers have to guarantee the safeguard of the solar water pumps installed.  The farmers will get a time of 12 to 14 years to repay the soft loans and it will charged on the amount of electricity generated and the income of the farmer.

Documents required

  • Residential details –The farmers have to produce suitable domicile documents to justify that they are the permanent residents of the state.
  • Income details – The farmers should produce suitable income certificate or farming details at the time of registration. It will be checked by the higher state officials to consider the application.

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BSECOM Initiatives

  • Helps in creatingfarmer’s cooperatives
  • BESCOM will give channel subsidies to needy farmers
  • Provide soft-loans benefits to farmers.
  • Offering Power Purchase Agreements of 25 years.
  • Provide suitable power supply to pumps installed

How to apply online for Surya Raitha Scheme Karnataka –

As this is a newly launched scheme, the details of application for the scheme are yet to be launched by state government. However, the interested candidates have to keep an eye on the official portal of state government. This shall help them know about the online procedures and apply the same to avail of the scheme benefits. This will also help the needy farmers arrange for sufficient supply of water for the agricultural produce and maintain it for long with chances of better sell of the items in the market.


Q: What is the main purpose of Surya Raitha Scheme?

Ans: Install solar water pumps

Q: Who are the beneficiaries of Surya Raitha Scheme?

Ans: Farmers of Karnataka

Q: How many pumps will be set up in the first phase under Surya Raitha Scheme?

Ans: 310 pump sets in initial phase

Q: What is the benefit of the Surya Raitha Scheme?

Ans: Have sufficient water supply for agricultural produce

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