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YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2023 [Eligibility, Online Application form Process, Pension Amount,  Search Check Name, Panchayat wise Status, How to apply, New List]

The Andhra Pradesh government lead by Jaganmohan Reddy has introduced to YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme. Later in this year the scheme is updated and the pension amount has increased as well.  The scheme will work for the underprivileged people who are old and especially abled. The scheme will help to elevate the financial condition of the poor people eventually help to decrease the poverty level of the marginal section of the society that will elevate the entire financial condition of Andhra Pradesh.

YSR Pension Kanuka in AP

YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme launch details

Name of the schemeYSR Kanuka Pension Scheme
Launched inAndhra Pradesh
Launched byThe Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Jaganmohan Reddy
Date of launch30th May, 2019
Official websiteState Govt. Scheme
Target peopleOlder and specially abled people of the state

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Key features of the YSR Pension scheme

Objective of the scheme-the scheme will work towards the marginal people of the society. The older people and the physically abled people who are dealing with bad financial situation will receive help from the scheme.

Benefit of the scheme- The scheme will provide benefits like enhancing the livelihood of the people belong to marginal society.

Financial help- As it is a pension scheme so the government will give financial assistance to the beneficiaries. The government has hiked the pension amount from 1000 rupees to 3000 rupees per month. Initially the pension amount will be 2200 rupees per month then with the pension amount will increase on a monthly basis. The cobbler will get 2250 rupees per month; the handicraft artists will get 3000 rupees per month. People who are being diagnosed with chronic diseases will receive 10,000 rupees per month as financial help.

Transparency- The scheme will maintain the transparency regarding pension and this is the reason the money will be debited directly to the bank account of the pensioner.

Different types of the scheme-There are 12 types of schemes and they are Old Age Pension, Weavers Pension, Widow Pension, Disabled Pension, Toddy Tappers, ART Pension, Transgender Pension, Fisherman Pension, Single Women Pension, CKDU Pension, Traditional Cobblers Pension,and Dappu Artists Pension.

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Eligibility criteria for the scheme

Monthly income- According to the rules of the scheme, there is a limit in monthly income. The urban income should not exceed 12000 rupees, and in case of rural people the income should not exceed 10,000 per month. 

Land acquisition- According to the rules of the scheme, the people who want to be the beneficiary of the scheme, need to have 3 acres of agricultural land.

Limit on vehicle- Only the people who have taxis can get the benefits from the scheme. 

Exclusion of government employee- People are into government jobs or retired government employees are not eligible for the scheme. 

Power consumption limit- The beneficiary cannot use more than 300 units of electricity per month. 

Handicapped people- Usually the scheme will provide pension to one member of the family but if any family has a physically or mentally challenged member then he or she will be eligible to get pension under the scheme.

Age limit- he scheme is applicable to the people who are above 60 years old and only they will receive pension.

Age limit for backward classes- The people who belongs to backward class their age limit is 50 years to be eligible to get the pension under the scheme. 

Death certificate of husband- the widows who are above 18 years old have to show the death certificate of their husbands in order to get the pension benefits. 

Criteria for handicapped- In case of physically and mentally challenged people there is no criteria to become eligible for the scheme. 

Patients– The patients of dialysis or the patients who are receiving anti-retrovirus treatment are eligible to become the beneficiary under the scheme. 

Transgender people- The transgender candidates need to be above 18 years old to get the pension from the government.

Single woman– Single woman will also get the pension benefit under the scheme. The divorced or separated women need to be 35 years old and the single women need to be 30 years old. 

Fishermen- The fishermen of the state are eligible for theme but they need to be be above 50 years old.

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Required documents for the scheme

Identity proof- The candidates need to bring ID proof like voter and Asdhar card as identity proof.

Address proof- As the pension scheme is limited to the resident of state so you do need to submit address proof and as address proof you need to submit voter or Aadhar.

Birth certificate- The interested candidates are asked to submit birth certificate to show their age to come under the scheme.

Income certificate- As there is a limit of monthly income so the candidates are asked to bring birth certificate.

Caste certificate- As the scheme is for the backward classes as well so the candidates belong to backward classes are asked bring caste certificate.

Certificate for fishermen- People associated with fishing are asked to bring certificate issued by the fishery department of the state.

Bank account details- As the pension money will debited to the beneficiary’s account so you need to submit bank details during application.

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How to apply for the scheme?

  • Vising the website- The candidates are asked to visit the YSR Pension Kanuka official website for the scheme
  • Reading the criteria- on the website you will get all the criteria and option for application. You need to download the form and then you need to fill the form.
  • Submitting the form- After filling the form the candidates are asked to submit the form to the Panchayat office along with all documents.

How to check the status of application?

  • In order to check the status you need to open the official website.
  • You need to go to the home page and then go to the search option.
  • You need to enter the pension ID or GR grievance ID and then you need to click on Go option

In the conclusion it can be said that the pension scheme is a wise step as it will help to improve the financial status of the marginal people who cannot earn anymore for their livelihood. There is a toll free number as well and that is 0866 – 2410017 so if any want to learn further they can call at this number.


Q: What is the YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme?

Ans: The scheme will help to elevate the financial condition of the poor people.

Q: How many pension types are included in YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme?

Ans: 12

Q: Who are the beneficiaries of the YSR Kanuka Pension scheme?

Ans: Older and especially abled people of the state

Q: What is the helpline number of the YSR Kanuka Pension scheme?

Ans: 0866 – 2410017

Q: Where to contact for any complaint about the YSR Kanuka Pension scheme?

Q: How much pension hiked by AP government?

Ans: 1000 to 3000 rs

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