YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme List 2022: Track Farmer Beneficiary Status Online

YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme Pathakam 2020-21 Andhra Pradesh 2021 (PM Kisan) [Login, Farmer  List, Check Payment Status Online, Form Download, Last Date, Amount, second Installment, Eligibility, Apply, Guidelines, Toll free number, App]

The farmers in the most Indian states do not have the budgetary reinforcement that is essential for gathering the trimming prerequisites. The general GDP of the country and the particular states rely upon the rural yield. In this line, the AP government propelled the YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme for the monetary assistance to the landless, little and negligible ranchers. The state has long before dispatched this new scheme will build the rural creation and salary of the ranchers. In this article, you will find out about the highlights of the plan and the qualification of the ranchers. Moreover, this article additionally will offer data with respect to the application procedure and fundamental archives for enlistment.

AP YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme

YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme

Name of the schemeYSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme
Launched byJagan Mohan Reddy
Launched in             Andhra Pradesh
Target beneficiariesPoor farmers who lack financial support
Supervised byAgriculture Cooperation & Farmers Welfare Department
Helpline number1100, 1902
Total Amount13,500 /year (for 5 year)

Key features of the YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme AP

  • Monetary assistance to the farmers – The goal of the new plan will guarantee better income for the ranchers. Budgetary helps increment crop development. They can sell these yields in the enrolled markets and win a higher pay.
  • Financial assistance – As per the guidelines of the YSR Rythu Bharosa PM Kisan scheme, it has been decided that 54 lakh farmers will get rupees 13, 500 in three installments. Among these 40 lakh, beneficiaries will get rupees 6000 from the center. To this state government will add rupees 7500. 
  • Installment Details – Moreover, it has been said that rupees 7500 will be given to farmers before the onset of Kharif season. In addition, rupees 4000 will be given at the time of harvesting. Also, the last installment of rupees 2000 will be given during the farmer’s festival of Sankranti. Therefore, rupees 13500 will be given annually and continued for 5 years for improving the financial condition of the farmers. 
  • Mode of payment – The particular money related award will be stored in the financial balance of the recipient once every year.
  • Help for Rabi crop – This year, the plan will be propelled in October. Hence, every chose recipient can use the cash to set up their homestead land and buy seeds for the Rabi editing season.
  • The number of beneficiaries – It has been featured by the state authority that around 50 lakh rural specialists will fall under the qualified class.
  • DBT Facility – For better help and straight forwardness, the financial help will be legitimately moved in the recipient’s enlisted ledger.
  • Free power – It is unimaginable for the ranchers to work their water siphons without power. The state Chief Minister needs to offer capacity to the destitute horticultural specialists at no additional charges.
  • Water supply – Apart from providing power, the state authority will likewise find a way to guarantee that all ranchers have simple access to counterfeit water supply or water system offices.
  • Storeroom for harvests – Poor ranchers need satisfactory yield storage spaces at their homes. The state will offer cutting edge crop stockpiling houses, for these ranchers. These storerooms can dispose of the odds of harvest rot.
  • Estimation of yields by fixing least help – In the event of antagonistic climatic conditions, the state authority will fix the cost of the primary harvests. In this way, no purchaser will have the option to constrain the ranchers to sell the produce at low rates, and exploit these poor people.
  • Facility for farmer’s protection – The plan additionally guarantees the monetary security of the rancher’s family. On the off chance that the recipient meets with a mishap or passes away, the Andhra Pradesh government offers 5 lakhs rupees as a protection inclusion.
  • Premium installment – Another advantage that this plan offers is protection inclusion for the chosen recipients. Be that as it may, the poor farming specialists won’t pay the premium. The Andhra Pradesh government will make the top notch commitment for the recipients.

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Eligibility Criteria for YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme AP

  • Resident of the state – The candidate must dwell inside the outskirts of Andhra Pradesh lawfully and for all time.
  • The unorganized and marginal farmers and farm labors – The essential recipients of the plan must fall in the minor or little rancher class.
  • Farmers without lands – Under the modified principles, the state has likewise incorporated the sharecroppers to accomplish the monetary help. These rural farmers who do not have their own property, eventually they end up farming on other’s land.
  • Land estimation – The rule features that the homestead plot can’t be more than one section of land. A similar principle applies for ranchers related with sericulture and agriculture.

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Not Eligible for YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme AP

  • Established government or non-government post holders – If the candidate is at present holding or recently held a sacred post, at that point he won’t be permitted to get the advantages of this plan.
  • Individuals from any administering body – All horticultural laborers, what current’s identity is related with any branch of the Gram Panchayat office, can’t get the advantages. Agrarian laborers, who held a seat the Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha will likewise be restricted from this venture.
  • Representatives or resigned government workers – If the rancher or any individual from his family is or was utilized in any state or central government division, at that point such people will be let well enough alone for the plan.
  • The individual who gets pension every month – In the event that the candidate gets at least 10,000 rupees routinely every month, at that point the state government won’t allow the use of such ranchers.
  • The farmers who pay tax – Some ranchers might be related with different callings too. In the event that the candidate falls under the personal assessment or GST charge class, at that point he will be banned from getting the advantages of this program.

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Required Documents

  • Residential proof of the candidate – It is relevant for all the intrigued ranchers to deliver their private papers. The private archives must be given by the Andhra Pradesh government.
  • Enrollment declaration from the state Framers Association – Only those rural laborers, who have appropriate authentication, given by the AP Farmers Association will be conceded the authorization to get the fiscal advantages.
  • Recognizable proof records – It is basic for the intrigued contender to offer their Aadhar cards for investigation.
  • BPL card – The essential recipient of the plan is those ranchers who live beneath the destitution line. In the event that any intrigued candidate needs to achieve the money related advantages, at that point he should have the BPL authentication.
  • Caste certificate– If the ranchers hail from the calendar standing, plan clan, minority networks or BOC gatherings, at that point the candidates must submit authority testaments, which bolster these cases.
  • Proof of Land registration– Due to the land estimation confinements, referenced in the plan, land owing ranchers need to outfit the cultivating plot enrollment archives, during application.
  • Proof for the land less farmers – If the rancher doesn’t have his own property, and takes a shot at another person’s plot, at that point he should present an authentication that features these subtleties. The endorsement can be procured from the Gram Panchayat Office.
  • Details of bank account – The state government requires the account details of the candidates with the goal that the cash can be transferred effectively. The bank and branch name, account number just as the branch code and IFSC code are required for this.

How to apply for YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme AP?

  • Visiting the website- In order to apply for the scheme, the interested candidates need to visit to the AP YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme Official Portal. After vising the site you need to go to the homepage and then you login to the site.
  • Login process- In order to log in into the account the candidates need to enter the username and password. After that they can apply for the scheme.
  • Filling up the form- After filling up the form, the candidates need to fill up the form along with proper details.

How to Check Payment Status Online for AP YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme

Soon after the official launch of YSR Rhythu Bharosa scheme, applicants can check payment status. The online facility has been made available for ease of the farmers. The detailed procedure of checking status is given below. 

  • First, applicants have to open the official portal of the scheme. As the link opens, applicants have to click on ‘dashboard’ option present on the homepage. 
  • After this, the applicant will be forwarded to another page where they have to click on the ‘payment status’ option. Now, applicants should click on the option. 
  • Following this, the applicants will be taken to the status checking page where they have to enter Aadhaar card number. It will be given in the blank space given. 
  • Along with Aadhaar card, applicant has to enter Captcha code and then click on the ‘submit’ button. This will immediately display the payment status on the screen. 

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Check Name in AP YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme Beneficiary List

The Real Time Governance Society has taken up the responsibility of preparing the beneficiary list for the scheme. There are 66, 54,891 farmers who can be the beneficiary of the scheme and as soon as they become the beneficiary of the scheme they will become the beneficiary of the scheme. It is said that around 15 lakhs farmers are getting benefitted from the scheme. On the other hand, there are around 61 lakh people associated with farming are eligible for the scheme. According to the scheme rules, the candidates who will come under the beneficiary list will get the monetary support in two installments.

The plan will incorporate the greater part of the ruined segments of the rancher networks. The cash can be used by the farming laborers to meet the costs of the trimming season. It will pay off the money related obligation. Furthermore, the plan will likewise assist the agriculturists with bettering their cultivating strategies. It guarantees higher harvest yield that expands the procuring chances to the farmers of the state. AP Government has issued guidelines regarding the YSR Farmers Assurance Scheme. 

Update – The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the people indoors. However, the central government knows that if the farmers do not produce crops, then the entire nation will suffer in more than one way. In a recent announcement, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy highlighted that the beneficiary agricultural workers of Rythu Bharosa Scheme will obtain Rs. 5500. The state finance department will deposit the money in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries on 15th May, 2020. The farmers will be able to utilize the cash for procuring high quality seeds. It, in turn will pave the path for better crop production.


Q: What is the YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme?

Ans: AP govt will give monetary assistance to the landless, little and negligible farmers.

Q: What is the toll free number of YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme?

Ans: 1100, 1902

Q: How much total amount farmers will get under YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme?

Ans: 13,500 rs

Q: For how many years will YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme benefit?

Ans: 5 Years

Q: What is the official website of YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme?

Ans: ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in

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