Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme 2023 [Farmer List] Form

Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme 2023 Eligibility criteria, Beneficiary Farmer name list, Application Form Online Download PDF, Last Date, Check Status, helpline number , Website

The Chief Minister has proposed the Karnataka Raitha Shaktiin the current state budget 2022-2023. The main idea of the scheme is to offer discounted diesel to the farmers. Its aim is to target the ones whose main idea is to reduce the burden of the cost of diesel on the farmers. The latest diesel-powered machines are important to run the farmers, and the scheme can help the farmers to use the machines. With a rise in fuel prices, the state government has come forward with the initiative to help the farmers. 

Read on to know more about the scheme and help interested farmers to register on time. 

Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme 2023

Name of the scheme Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme
Scheme has been launched by CM of Karnataka, Basavraj Bommai
Launch date of the scheme 5th March 2022
Objective of the scheme Provide diesel at a reasonable rate 
Beneficiaries of the scheme Farmers of the state 
Portal of the scheme https://fruits.karnataka.gov.in/
Proposed money for implementation of the scheme Rupees 500 crores 
Benefits of the scheme Encourage farmers to use modern machinery for farming 

Karnataka Raitha Shakti Scheme features

The primary aim of the scheme launch is to initiate the RaithaShakti program. CM of Karnataka launches the scheme to lower the state’s financial burden on farmers. It will help cover up for the rising fuel price and help them with an increase in agricultural machines. 

The programs from the Agricultural Department have been developed for the farmers of the state and are processed through the Kisan software. It is accessed via the FRUITS portal, and one has to use their registration ID card. Farmers enrolled with the FRUITS side are eligible to participate in the above-said scheme. They can also get financial assistance by direct transfer method from the Kisan software. 

What are the benefits of the scheme?

▪ The beneficiaries of the scheme will get a diesel subsidy amounting to almost two hundred and fifty rupees per acre of plot 

▪ The greatest assistance will be given to the plots of land that are 5 acres in size and more 

▪ The beneficiaries can get their subsidy money deposited in the linked bank account digitally from time to time

 ▪ The small and marginal farmers can look for the latest farm equipment from Krishi Yantra Dhare centres

▪ The government plans to build cold storage in Toravi, located in the district of Vijapura. Here, grapes are grown on most of the land in the state. This is how the Karnataka wine and grape board set aside 35 crores of space for cold storage

Raitha Shakti Scheme Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the scheme go as follows:

1. Natives of the state – As the scheme has been launched in Karnataka, only the natives of the state are eligible for it 

2. Applicants should have their land – The applicants having their land can register for the scheme 

3. Category of applicant – Only farmers can apply for the scheme

 4. People to benefit from the program – Only farmers who have signed for the FRUITS cash scheme via the online portal are eligible to enjoy the scheme benefits 

List of important documents to furnish 

The documents that are required for the scheme are:• 

Identification proof – The interested candidate needs to furnish an Aadhar card as their identification details 

• Contact details – It is essential to give full contact details

 • Address details – The candidate should furnish suitable address details for registration and get the scheme benefits 

How to check the scheme crop loan waiver status?

The Karnataka scheme application process requires the following steps:

a) First, you have to open the official portal of the scheme

 b) Now, as the home page comes up on the device, you can create the ID for the registration on the portalc) If an applicant has an ID for fruits, you can use it to access the portal and apply for the above-said program d) Look for sign up and click on it, and it will direct a new page e) Here, you have to fill up suitable details and upload necessary documents and then click on the register option f) This will complete the registration procedure 

FAQ of the scheme 

1.Who is eligible for Raitha Shakti Scheme ?

Ans. Farmers of Karnataka 

3. What is the main objective of launching the scheme?

Offer diesel at a reasonable rate 

4. How much money has been sanctioned for the launch of the scheme?

Rupees 500 crores 

5. Which is the official portal of the scheme?


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